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"It’s fine…"

His voice trailed off for a moment, hands returning back to being hidden in his pockets. He wasn’t the best with speaking to people…especially lately. He had dragged himself further into that isolation and had settled into it well.

"Are you still competing?"

He was genuinely curious honestly. He had watched a few of her matches and just like swimming was his own natural skill—fighting was hers. She made such a brutal sport look flawless and graceful…or something along those lines.


     Annoyance rapidly altered to surprise. It was an innocent question that revolved around a topic she thought he had no interest in. Martial arts was a practice that, in many ways, opposed the basic aspects of great swimming.

     Where the latter required submission to an element beyond one’s control, the other demanded force and dominance.

     ”Uh, yea. Won regionals last month, actually. A response that neither satisfied humility nor pride. Just a fact. Though, of course she was proud of that victory. But bragging was a rotten habit she had no intention of falling into.

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He sighed out heavily—he could practically read what she thought of him. His quiet nature gave him that sort of air…he didn’t intend it to. He was just quiet…he didn’t really pay much attention to the world around him honestly. He was just…there.

He slowly leaned down, picking up a book that had fallen from her bag and extending it to her. “Sorry for running into you.”

It was hard to tell whether he was being genuine or not with his expression—masked, tucked away, stoic. He had always looked like that, even while school. He didn’t have many friends—mostly just Touya and Sakae, if she even counted. They were the only people that could really give an account of what he was really like.

    Well, shit. Now she just looked like an ass. 

     With a frown, now directed towards her own actions, she gradually raised her own hand to accept the book. 

     So her assumptions were wrong- a rare occurrence considering her ability to judge character was usually correct. 

     ”… Thanks. Guilt-struck, she added,And nah, I should be the one apologizin’.” Truth be told, her mood hadn’t initially been in the right place prior to the run-in. But like hell would she throw some lame excuse out there in an attempt to save her image. She had been rude without legitimate cause, and that was that. 

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The bump—and the sharp, snapping of a voice drew him from his thoughts. She knew his name…and her uniform gave away why. He was pretty well known at the school, even if he had already graduated. His swimming career—how it had been abruptly shattered like his ankles had at the nationals…that’s what contributed to the fame.


"And aren’t you a little too young to be showing disrespect to someone older?”

Arisawa, Tatsuki.

She was just as famous as he was—but for an entirely different reason. She excelled in martial arts and had been ranked…was it second or third in the nationals? He couldn’t remember…he didn’t pay much attention to other sports.


     ”Not when it’s only a year’s difference, smart ass. 

     The amount of arrogance this guy would’ve possessed had he actually been able to transform his prowess into a career- Tatsuki could only imagine. And mentally shutter.

     She had never held a particular liking towards him. He stank of conceit, self-importance. Never bothering to lift a finger for anyone but himself. 

     Though … her negative impression may very well be inaccurate. She’d never seen him outside of school, and even then their encounters were seldom at best. 

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--"The little blue men."


       Has literally no idea what you’re talking about. 

     ” … Should I even ask?      


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"Tatsuki-chan !! Wanna come over ? I was planning on making cupcakes tonight.”

    "… So long as you won’t add any obscure ingredients this time. A necessary precaution considering what happened the last time Tatsuki risked consuming her friend’s baked concoction. 

     Thoughts regarding that day’s practice jumbled as a shoulder abruptly collided with her own, though not terribly forceful. An innate temper flared at the carelessness and lack of automatic apology from the other. 


     ”Oi, Amemori! Aren’t ya a little too old to still be lookin’ at your feet when ya walk?”

     Amemori, Iruka.

     — An often quiet young man who mostly kept to himself. His passion for water, however, was the one fact most everyone knew. During the time that he’d attended their school, the swimmer’s outstanding records had quickly and unexpectedly brought Karakura High into the swimming scene. Only, such glory was short-lived. Such as it had quickly risen in the sport, it fell just as fast once he graduated the year prior. It’d been one loss the Athletic Department still mourned.